Uploading the miniAtmegatron to your Arduino Uno is very simple and takes a matter of minutes, once all the software is downloaded and installed. Just follow these easy steps.

STEP 1 – Download the Arduino software

Version 1.6.5 of the Arduino software should be downloaded from their website. Once you’ve installed it, run the software. It is important to run the software once before continuing to the next step.

If you already have the Arduino software, please make sure you are running version 1.6.0 – 1.6.5. The Arduino source code doesn’t work with the older 1.0.x software and there are some current issues with 1.6.6.

STEP 2 – Download the Atmegatron Libraries

The libraries are essential for running all Atmegatron software. Once downloaded (green button, top right, select Download ZIP) they should be unzipped and placed in the /Documents/Arduino/Libraries/ folder. Some unzipping software will automatically create a libraries folder for your unzipped files. It is the contents of this that must go in /Documents/Arduino/Libraries/ (don’t put a libraries folder within the libraries folder!)

libraries 2.5


STEP 3 – Download the miniAtmegatron Source Code

miniAtmegatron Source Code

Download Arduino sketch source code, unzip it and place the contents in your /Documents/Arduino/ folder. Then run the .ino file within. Connect your Arduino Uno. Make sure your Uno is selected in Tools->Port menu. Make sure Uno is selected in Tools->Board menu. Then press the upload button (top left of window).

miniAtmegatron master source code 2.2

Both Atmel Studio 7 and Visual Studio 2015 solutions are also provided. Visit Visual Micro, to see how these can be used to program the Atmegatron


This is the assembly instructions that ship with the miniAtmegatron.

Assembly Instructions
Operation Instructions

Arduino MIDI-hack

Tutorial coming soon on how to MIDI hack your Arduino.


Atmel Flip 3.4.7 for Windows


Coming soon….

Arduino MIDI firmware

All credit to MORECAT_LAB for the firmware.

Midi Firmware for Arduino Uno (Moco)
Original firmware for Arduino Uno.

Reaper plugin

Many thanks to Thilo Goldschmitz for this Reaper plugin, which allows full control of the miniAtmegatron

Reaper plugin

Technical Support

miniAtmegatron Manual
miniAtmegatron schematic
miniAtmegatron board layout
miniAtmegatron case assembly tips