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Product comparison

This table compares the hardware and software differences between the Atmegatron and miniAtmegatron when running their standard software.

Atmegatron miniAtmegatron
PCB Fully assembled Electronics kit for Arduino Uno (not included)
Enclosure Aluminium with walnut side panels Plastic enclosures available separately soon.
Electronic components Hifi quality Budget quality
MIDI In/Out MIDI ports MIDI via USB (requires MIDI-hacked Arduino)
Outputs 1x 1/4″ mono, 1x 3.5mm stereo 1x 3.5mm mono
Alternative software versions 6 (and growing) None
Analogue bass boost x
Waveforms 32 16
User waves x
Filter normalise mode x
Envelope shape Individual parameter control 16 preset shapes
Filter/pitch envelope invert x
LFO invert x
Arpeggiator x
Sequence player x
Wavecrusher / Portamento 16 settings for both 8 wavecrusher settings or 8 portamento settings
Patches (user writable) 16 1
Contents Atmegatron, 28 page manual, quick reference
card, PSU
PCB, components, instructions