Odytron Special Edition

Atmegatron Complete


The Odytron is a limited edition Atmegatron, pre-loaded with the brand new Odytron software and factory presets, as well as having unique Odytron paintwork. Only 150 units have been manufactured.

The Odytron software simulates the specification of a classic analogue synth but in an 8-bit environment. The result is a fascinating combination of analogue warmth and 8-bit grit. Features include: 2 independent oscillators (duophonic), 2 filter algorithms + bypass, 2 envelopes, LFO, ring mod, wave sync and numerous modulation methods.

Despite the sound being radically different to the original Atmegatron software, the Odytron is 100% Atmegatron compatible and comes bundled with 3 overlays and a programmer cable. This means that it is essentially 4 synths for the price of one. The overlays for the alternative synth engines are: Atmegatron (the classic software), Atmegadrum (drum machine) & Delayertron (delay effects synth).


  • Limited edition: 150 units total
  • Unique Odytron paintwork
  • Comes with programmer cable and 3 overlays
  • 100% compatible with the Atmegatron


2 oscillators Duophonic 2 filter algorithms and bypass
LFO ADSR and AR envelope PWM
Wave sync Ring mod Noise
16 memory patches Frequency modulation Filter modulation
Portamento High pass filter Filter keyboard tracking
Inputs/Outputs Extras
1/4″ mono jack 12V power supply
3.5mm stereo headphones 32 page Atmegatron manual & 4 page Odytron manual
MIDI input and output Quick reference card
12V DC power supply 3 vinyl overlays (Atmegatron, Delayertron, Atmegadrum)
6 pin header for programmer cable Programmer cable

Synthesis Engine

The Odytron Special Edition is 100% compatible with the Atmegatron and has the same hardware. Find more about the Atmegatron hardware on the Atmegatron page.