Oscitron Downloads

Uploading new software to the Oscitron is very easy and adds a whole new dimension to your module. Just follow these simple steps. Using the Easy Uploader, it only takes a matter of seconds to upload different software versions

STEP 1 – Install the programmer cable

The Oscitron uses an FTDI programmer cable to upload new software to its microcontroller. Programmer cables can be purchased from the web store. Download and install the appropriate drivers. This is important, even if your computer thinks it has recognised the cable.

OSX FTDI Driver (10.9 and above)
Windows FTDI Driver (Win7 and above 32 and 64 bit)

If your operating system isn’t listed, please search the FTDI website.

Next insert the programmer cable into the USB of your computer and the FTDI 6 pin header of the Oscitron. The black wire should face down when viewed from the back. It is advised to power down the module if you have to remove it from the rack to access the FTDI header.

osci ftdi

STEP 2 – Install Easy Uploader

The Easy Uploader is the app used to upload software to the Atmegatron. Download the appropriate file and install.

Easy Uploader v1.1.1 for OSX (10.9 to 10.13)
Easy Uploader v1.2.1 for OSX (10.14 and above)
Easy Uploader v1.1.1 for Windows (WinXP and above 32 and 64 bit)

Once installed, run the app (making sure the programmer cable is already connected. Once the software has booted, select the COMM Port of the programmer cable from the combo box. It is often the bottom option.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 17.57.47

STEP 3 – Upload the software

Power up module if necessary. Click the Upload… button. Select the .hex file which you wish to install. The .hex files are available below. The software takes 20-30 seconds to upload. You can now remove the programmer cable.

If you have any issue uploading software, please check the “show console” box, then copy and paste the text in the console window to a new thread on the Soulsby Synths forums.

Each software version has it’s own overlay. These can be downloaded and printed out, by right clicking the thumbnail. Alternatively you can buy professionally printed vinyl overlays from the web store.

Oscitron Software


Oscitron v1.1
Oscitron Factory Patches

This is the standard audio engine which ships with all units.


Odytron(Osci) v1.0

Analogue Modelling dual oscillator. Features 2 filter types, wave sync, ring mod, PWM, 2 modulation input sources and more. Based on the Odytron engine for the Atmegatron.


Oscidrum v1.0 Factory
Oscidrum v1.0 Electro
Oscidrum v1.0 DnB1
Oscidrum v1.0 DnB2
Oscidrum v1.2 Mother32
Oscidrum v1.2 Casio MA101
Oscidrum v1.2 Linn LM1
Oscidrum v1.2 Roland CR78
Oscidrum v1.2 Yamaha RX11

8 part drum machine with 16 step sequencer. Several tweakable parameters on drum sounds and control via CV.


Oscitron Manual v1-0 manual
Odytron Manual ody manual
Oscitron Quick Ref Card
Uni-five Quick Ref Card