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Our first product, The Atmegatron, is a powerful 8-bit monophonic synth.

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The new version of the Atmegatron source code is available here.

It's a complete rewrite, but fixes all sorts of nags and niggles including:

  • Function knob is always responsive (doesn't slow down with complex patches)
  • LFO and Arpeggiator completely tightly locked together
  • User waves increased from 6 to 16 (used in conjunction with Librarian software)
  • External MIDI clock + Arpeggiator no longer freezes at high divisions
  • Slightly improved Phaser algorithm
  • Setting for more natural sounding exponential envelopes (default on)
  • Setting for internal BPM (default 120)
  • Setting for note priority (default High)
  • Setting for legato mode (default on)
  • Easter Egg!

This a beta version. Once finalised it will ship with all the new Atmegatrons which will be available later this month.

The handful of people who have pre-release MiniAtmegatrons can also find new MiniAtmegatron source code with new features and tweaks

Posted: July 11, 2015, 2:38 pm

Soulsby Synths will be very involved at Noise Kitchen Synth Fest, held by Bastl Instruments. Come to Brno and say hi! Here's what we're doing:

  • 12th June - Synth Meet​- 11:00-21:30 - meet the makers, try out and buy crazy instruments.(Kabinet Múz, Sukova 4, Brno)
  • 13th June - Synth Workshops​- build synths ! 14:30 - ??:?? (Skleněná louka, Kounicova 23, Brno). If you would like to build a miniAtmegatron, sign up here:
  • 14th June - Synth Workshops​-11:00 - (Skleněná louka, Kounicova 23, Brno)
  • 13th June -Noise.Kitchen Party​- 20:00 - Soulsby(UK), Aeiou(CZ), Arsen(CZ), Tomash GHz(CY), BURNKIT2600(US), Nuuttipukki(SK), Hanz Tisch(ŽB), laserová instalace od BR Laser (AT) (Skleněná louka, Kounicova 23, Brno)
But there's also all these other fun things happening too!
  • 12th June - Synth Party​- 21:30 - epic music ! dance inevitable ! KODEK(Lv), HRTL(Cz), PROJEKT DATALINE(Se), PETER KIRN DJ SET(Us/De), MASTER CLOCK sharing (Kabinet Múz, Sukova 4, Brno)
  • 13th June - Synth Talk​- 12:00 - talk about the future of music with Peter Kirn of CDM (Kabinet Múz, Sukova 4, Brno)
  • 13th June - grand opening​- 16:30 (Skleněná louka, Kounicova 23, Brno)
  • 14th-16th June - Bastl synth workshops​-11:00 - (Skleněná louka, Kounicova 23, Brno)
Full details are here: ​​

Posted: June 12, 2015, 9:07 pm

Delayertron 1.2

  • Fixed tuning issues
  • Reduced aliasing, especially when sound is dry
  • Couple of bug fixes

Polytron 0.2

  • Now updated to Arduino 1.6.x 
All available from the downloads page. I promise to have the full Atpolytron version ready by end of June!
Posted: May 17, 2015, 5:07 pm
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