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Our first product, The Atmegatron, is a powerful 8-bit monophonic synth.

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The Atmegatron Complete is sold out again! There are a few distributors still with stock though. The list can be found at the bottom of the Buy page. If your local distributor has run out of stock, just drop me an email at the waiting list. There's plenty of news about the Atmegatron and new products coming soon. Watch this space!
Posted: January 26, 2015, 11:24 am

The Duotron - Dual oscillator Atmegatron

Well it's been quite a year. I couldn't have hoped for a better response to the Atmegatron. There's gonna be a lot exciting new things next year too. I look forward to sharing these with you over the coming months.

Anyway I thought I'd finish the year off with yet another software version, The Duotron. This is a dual oscillator variation of the classic Atmegatron software. It uses the techniques used on the Delayertron, but replaces the delay-line with another oscillator. It's got a pretty heavy sound as you can hear. It does do warmer sounds too, I had the wave-crusher turned up high on that little demo.
You may wonder why the 2 oscillators are always slightly detuned.  This is because oscillator B uses a 16-bit timer and A uses an 8-bit timer.  The tuning accuracy of the 16-bit timer is better, hence why they always sound slightly out.
Some people may notice the high frequency PWM noise with this software (it's the same reason as with the Delayertron). It is nothing to worry about, it's well out of human hearing range.
I'll try and do a new version of this next year that is duophonic (i.e. if you press 2 MIDI notes, 1 oscillator goes to each note).

Dirt Cheap PCB

There's a dirt cheap PCB for sale at the online store.  It is a fully functioning PCB, the only issue is that some of the output filter components are faulty meaning that it has a sound which is a little too warm! I'm happy to show any soldering experts which components need replacing (should you want to).
Posted: December 30, 2014, 10:07 pm

There's a new version of the Atmegatron software available (version 1.3) on the downloads page. It adds the ability to change MIDI channel and also fixes some stuck MIDI note issues that Ableton users were having.

Find out how to change MIDI channel here and how to upload the software here.

Posted: December 27, 2014, 11:46 am
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