Oscitron Accessories Pack

The Oscitron Accessories Pack is now available at the webstore.

It allows 2 new software versions to be uploaded to the Oscitron module and consists of:

  • Programmer cable
  • 2 overlays
  • Instruction card

The 2 new software versions are the Oscidrum and the Odytron


  • 8 instrument drum machine
  • 16 step sequencer
  • 8 user patterns
  • Engine sample rate control
  • Instrumument volume, delay fx, pitch and length
  • Currently 4 drum banks available


  • Dual analogue modelling 8-bit oscillator
  • 2 filter types and bypass
  • 2 modulation inputs
  • Ring mod
  • Wave sync
  • PWM
  • 8 user patches


Follow this quick and simple tutorial to upload software to the Oscitron. Download files and further instructions are available on the Oscitron downloads page.