Atmegatron master source code 1.4

Harder Better Faster Stronger

It’s time for Lemongrab to go away now and for me to try and claw back my company’s dignity. But as Lemongrab departs, some new software arrives!

Version 1.4 of the Atmegatron Master Source Code now runs on the latest Arduino software: 1.6.x. In fact all of the source code has now been updated to run on this. Please note that this isn’t compatible with the older 1.0.x software.

The new version also totally revamps the code for reading knobs and buttons. The code is far more efficient which means it is more responsive and also the envelopes are snappier and the LFOs smoother. Apart from that, the sound of the synth is essentially the same.

You can download Arduino 1.6.x from here and the new source code from here.