Delayertron (tron tron tron …. ….) software available now!

Turn your Atmegatron into a sci-fi dream machine

The Delayertron software is now available on the Downloads page of the Soulsby Synthesizers website.
You can see a video of the Delayertron in action here:

The heart of the Delayertron is a crunchy 8-bit delay line. The following parameters can be adjusted:

  • Dry/wet mix
  • Delay sample rate
  • Feedback
  • Delay length
  • Clip mode (for gritted distorted delay with >100% feedback)
  • LFO and envelope amounts to control the sample rate
There’s also a filter which can be either high or low pass. The LFO can control it’s cutoff and it can be inserted either after the delay or at the output mix.
All the oscillator waveforms are new too and have been increased from 32 to 256 samples long.  The waveforms are derived from Adventure Kid’s awesome waveforms library.
The software can be uploaded by anyone who owns an Atmegatron and an FTDI cable.  See this video for instructions.