May 2014 News

Future Music review and demo

This months Future Music features a nice review of the Atmegatron (on page 94 to be precise!).  There’s also some great demos on the DVD.  They demonstrate live sound creation on the Atmegatron, as well as providing a preview of some of the upcoming software versions.

Palm Sounds interview

I was recently interviewed by Ashley Elsdon from Palm Sounds.  You can hear the interview here. It covers my own history with synthesizers and also the inspiration and development story behind the Atmegatron.
We also made a quick demonstration video of the Atmegatron, which will be available soon on the Palm Sounds YouTube channel.

Sounds and Gear review

JK from Sounds and Gear recently did an amazing review of the Atmegatron. Check it out here. The YouTube video is really in-depth and covers pretty much everything there is to know about the Atmegatron.

What’s new at Soulsby Synthesizers

You may have noticed that we are currently sold out of Atmegatron Completes. There will be limited stock available at the end of this month (May). Add your name to the waiting list, to be certain to get one.
More progress has been made with the miniAtmegatron kit and also a new exciting Eurorack project.  Below is an enigmatic picture of the miniAtmegatron prototype working on my desk. The miniAtmegatron will eventually be in the form of an Arduino Uno shield that is a DIY kit.

The next Atmegatron software to be released will be The Atmegadrum.  A 16 part, 16 step drum programmable drum machine. This should be available by the end of next week.