miniAtmegatron back on sale!

The perfect stocking filler for only £29 / $39 / €39

The miniAtmegatron is back in stock at the Soulsby Synths Webshop.  Again this is a limited run and exclusive to the webshop.  This 90 second video goes over what the miniAtmegatron is and what it can do.
The miniAtmegatron is a synthesizer DIY kit for the Arduino Uno.  It can be bought with or without an Arduino Uno clone, preloaded with MIDI-hack and miniAtmegatron software.
Some previous soldering experience is recommended and the build time is between 30 minutes to an hour.  There is also a tutorial video.
Once the PCB is assembled and connected to the Uno, it becomes a powerful 8-bit synthesizer featuring: 16 waveforms, 15 patterns, 15 filters, 2 envelopes with 16 preset shapes, 1 lfo with 16 speeds and 16 shapes and portamento and wavecrusher effects.  You can’t find value for money like this anywhere else! 

…and if you’ve already got one

there will be an enclosure for sale later this month, created by our friends at Bastl.  It is a plastic panel kit with all the screws necessary to hold it all together.  The prototype is shown below – the final product will look slightly different.
And don’t forget it’s big brother is still available at the Webshop.  The Complete Atmegatron is packed with extra features and most importantly it can be transformed into completely different synths, such as drum machines and delay effects machines.  This 90 second video covers everything.