Pre-order your Atmegatron today!

New website goes live

The new Soulsby Synthesizers website goes live today. It features full product specifications for the Atmegatron as well as tutorials, demos and links to the forum and shop.

Atmegatron pre-orders are now open

You can now pre-order boths versions of the Atmegatron from the shop. They will be dispatched between 3rd and 7th March.


(£255 ex VAT and delivery) – full synth in an aluminium enclosure with walnut side panels. Video here.


(£127 ex VAT and delivery) – just the PCB for programmers and hackers, who don’t require a full synth. This video shows it in action.


  • 8-bit monophonic synthesizer module 
  • Built on the Arduino platform.  Software is open source and easily tweaked and uploaded to the Atmegatron. 

Software that is shipped with the Atmegatron has the following:

  • 32 waveforms
  • 15 digital filters
  • 1 LFO, 2 Envelopes (can modulate filter, amplitude, pitch, pulse width etc.)
  • Advanced arpeggiator, Portamento, Wavecrusher, Phaser, Distortion
  • Load/Save 16 patches

The Atmegatron Librarian software allows patches to be transferred to and from PC/Mac. It also allows custom waveforms to be uploaded. It will be free and available on the website.