Xmas Project Status Update

The good news!
I now have a fully working completed model that is ready for production.  I can confirm details for the Atmegatron Complete.
Atmegatron Complete – £255 ex VAT.
(That’s only £FF in hexadecimal!)

  • Atmegatron Synthesizer
  • Power Supply
  • Printed colour manual
  • Stickers

The Atmegatron Complete is housed in a screen-printed white aluminium chassis with walnut side panels.  Details about the Atmegatron PCB coming soon.

The bad news
They aren’t going to be ready for Christmas as originally hoped.  Numerous issues have come up since I posted the first video in October, which has meant I have had to make a second version of the PCB.  Sonically it is still the same, it just corrects some problems with the first version.  This, plus lead times on manufacturing and components means that I’m now hoping to ship in February.

Other news
Here’s a brand new demo of the Atmegatron by DREAMTRAK bizarrely called “Atmegaparty!”.  It is created entirely using the Atmegatron and shows off loads of it’s features.  The arpeggiator sound towards the end of the track was done in 1 take and starts off as a pure waveform and gradually gets more and more demented!

Below are some preview pics of the Atmegatron.  More photos and demos to come in the new year.

Thanks for your interest in the Atmegatron and your patience too.  I promise to make this 8-bit fantasy a reality in the new year!