Atmegatron (and MiniAtmegatron) Source Code v2.0 Beta

The new version of the Atmegatron source code is available here.

It’s a complete rewrite, but fixes all sorts of nags and niggles including:

  • Function knob is always responsive (doesn’t slow down with complex patches)
  • LFO and Arpeggiator completely tightly locked together
  • User waves increased from 6 to 16 (used in conjunction with Librarian software)
  • External MIDI clock + Arpeggiator no longer freezes at high divisions
  • Slightly improved Phaser algorithm
  • Setting for more natural sounding exponential envelopes (default on)
  • Setting for internal BPM (default 120)
  • Setting for note priority (default High)
  • Setting for legato mode (default on)
  • Easter Egg!

This a beta version. Once finalised it will ship with all the new Atmegatrons which will be available later this month.

The handful of people who have pre-release MiniAtmegatrons can also find new MiniAtmegatron source code with new features and tweaks